about mE

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Hey there! I'm Sara... My last name isn't Dear, though. It's actually Morris. Sara Dear Photography stemmed from my blog, Sara Dear, which is a nickname I gathered doing high school theatre. So hi, I'm Sara Morris and I'm the Sara behind Sara Dear Photography, and I'm so stinking glad you're here.

I'm a born Texan, transplanted to Colorado for a while, and now I'm (super duper absolutely crazy) glad to call Washington, and all these trees, my home.  I'm married to my middle school sweetheart and together we have three year old twins and two dogs whom we love like family. I've been married for 6 years, a mom for 3, and a lover of doughnuts and strong black coffee since birth. 

In my "spare" time, you'll probably find me working on a DIY project at the house, or if I'm lucky, at the lake with coffee and a copy of The Great Gatsby, which I've read about 20 times. I'll be taking photos of all of it, trying to freeze some of this precious time. 

Speaking of taking photos - I've always loved it but it wasn't until I started blogging on my personal blog that I decided to actually learn how to use a real camera. One thing led to another and I went from photographing craft tutorials and home makeovers to photographing friends and family, to now owning a full fledged photography business that is a dream come true. And I love it even more than doughnuts, which is saying a lot.