about ME

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Hi! I’m Sara. I’m married to my middle school sweet heart, a mama to three sweet, crazy boys, and proudly proclaim crazy dog lady status. I love cooking and baking and feel most at home with dough rising on my kitchen counter, along with The Office re-runs going and a healthy dose of noise (3 kids, remember?). A few of my favorite things: my morning Americano, family movie nights with stove top popcorn, The Beatles, and a good pair of high waisted denim.

I learned a lot of my photography skills from my dad as I was growing up but really got serious about it in 2011 so I could document our first home renovation (we’re now on our third!). It went from photographing our home to occasionally photographing our friends for Christmas cards then onwards and upwards to founding Sara Dear Photography in 2016. It’s been an honor to be there for so many special moments and meet so many wonderful people with this business and I can’t wait for more!